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Medically Supervised Weight Management

Our medical weight loss program is a joint effort between you, the patient, and our Team of licensed health care professionals. These professionals include a medical doctor and a registered dietitian.

What is the medical metabolic weight loss program?

The patient enrolls in a program that will aid in their weight loss efforts. The program consists of:

The goals of the program are:

We offer different therapies in order to optimize your outcomes and achieve your weight- and health-related goals.

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation is completed by our physician in order to ensure you are medically able to participate in our program. This appointment is devoted greatly to gathering medical information and educating you about program to make sure it's a good fit for you.

You will then meet with our insurance specialist and program coordinator who will provide you with instructions and detailed explanations regarding the following test and blood work that are required before beginning our program:

Once all tests are complete you will meet with your registered dietitian. This session will consist of getting the appropriate information needed for your customized program, which include health and diet history, purpose for seeking weight loss counseling, and your program expectations. You will leave this session feeling empowered, with a greater understanding of yourself and how you will achieve your goals with great motivation.

Meal Replacements and Supplements

Hormone Testing and Therapy

Most hormones are produced by a group of glands known collectively as the endocrine system. Even though these glands are located in various parts of the body, they are considered one system because of their similar functions and relationship to each other.

Hormones are key players in regulating weight, metabolism, blood sugar, insulin, and when and where the body stores fat. As we age, shifting hormones trigger numerous symptoms of imbalance - including unexplained weight gain.

A whole host of symptoms may signify an imbalance:

Hormones are tested through minimally-invasive techniques using saliva and blood spot.