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i-Lipo™ is the latest innovation in non-surgical, non-invasive laser lipolysis. i-Lipo™ uses low level laser technology (LLLT) to stimulate the body's natural process for releasing its stored energy from adipose tissue, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol and water molecules, shrinking those fat cells and delivering body shaping results.

Unlike most other fat reduction procedures, i-Lipo™ treatments are completely painless. Clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy of the LLLT and the i-Lipo™ laser to deliver body shaping results. Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment. i-Lipo™ is the first direct skin contact laser device designed for fat reduction and body contouring to receive FDA approval for circumferential reduction.

Two treatments per week for four weeks are recommended and inch loss results can be seen immediately after treatment and cumulatively after a series of treatments. All parts of the body can be treated where fat is stored, including the waistline, thighs, arms, leg and even under the chin.

A brief workout immediately after an i-Lipo treatment ensures that the fat is metabolized and excreted via the lymphatic system.

Hypervibe Performance Whole Body Vibration

Hypervibe is used to enhance the metabolism and excrement of broken down fat via the lymphatic system by providing your muscles with stimulation that ranges from gentle massage to intense exercise.

The three main effects that Vibration Training has on your body:

1. Increased Gravity

As the platform rises, your body is accelerated upwards. You feel this as a force named G-force where "G" stands for "Gravity." The amount of G-force determines the intensity of the exercise. The increase in G-force forces muscles work harder than normal, which raises your body's oxygen uptake and speeds up the metabolism.

2. Rhythmic Movement

The rapid up/down movement with a subsequent increase/decrease of G-force creates waves of movement through the soft tissues of your body. This increases the flow of fluids like blood and lymph which delivers more oxygen to your muscles and rejuvenates the body while removing excess fluid.

3. Muscle Reflexes

The platform movement causes repetitive bending and straightening of your joints, which results in strong reflex muscle contractions. This heightened nerve and muscle activity results in elimination of fat and cellulite, multiplication of effort and increased energy.

Specific tests are performed in order to attain accurate fitness levels:

The Med Gem

The Body Metrix

These tests provide accurate information that aid the physician and nutritionist in procuring weight management plans.