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Areas Of Expertise

At North Jersey Nutrition our dietitians counsel people with a variety of nutritional concerns related to weight, health and lifestyle. All of our dietitians are skilled in specific areas with some overlap and general information that is useful to everyone. Our dietitians have the following areas of expertise:

Weight Loss and Weight Management

Your registered dietitian is also your weight management coach. Your registered dietitian will combine nutritional counseling with cognitive behavioral therapy to help you reach your weight loss goals. Once you are at your goal, your registered dietitian will help you maintain your goals. Weight loss counseling encompasses much more than meal planning, clients are guided to recognize their behaviors, analyze those behaviors, and then transform those behaviors to help them achieve and maintain their goals.

Weight Loss Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery

Before and after any type of bariatric surgery, nutrition counseling is essential. Your bariatric registered dietitian is hands on with you along your journey. Before surgery your registered dietitian is there with you to make sure you are prepared before surgery and to help you understand what to expect following surgery. Preparation for surgery is important. Prior to surgery will arm you with the nutrition tools that will help you recover and heal properly immediately following surgery.

Nutritional counseling after surgery becomes a key component of success after surgery. Periodic and consistent meetings with your registered dietitian provides the support necessary to make sure you continue to eat healthy, therefore facilitating the highest possible chances of a return to a healthy lifestyle.

The registered dietitians who see bariatric patients are specialists in the field of bariatric surgery nutrition and have had extensive academic and hands-on training in the field. They have the knowledge and skills to treat each patient's specific needs. Your registered dietitian will provide you with behavioral, nutritional and moral support throughout the entire process. People seeking pre and post bariatric nutrition counseling benefit greatly from visits with our metabolic fitness expert to develop a routine that can help prevent muscle wasting, boost metabolism, and improve lean body mass.

Eating Disorders

Clients with eating disorders are only seen by North Jersey Nutrition registered dietitians who have taken specific coursework, continuing education and training in eating disorders and there treatment. These registered dietitians are trained in different treatment modalities in treating eating disorders and often work with clients who are receiving treatment in conjunction with Intensive Outpatient (IOP) facilities, Causley Method, and cognitive behavioral therapy. The registered dietitians who specialize in eating disorders see patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive eating, binge eating disorder, Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified ("EDNOS"), body dimorphic disorder, orthorexia (not in the DSM IV), night eating syndrome, sleep eating disorder and compulsive exercising. When diagnosed with an eating disorder the registered dietitian is one healthcare practitioner within a team which may include two or more of the following, a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, and/or pediatric and adolescent medicine specialist.

Nutritional counseling for the person with an eating disorder is highly specialized as no two people are alike. Treatment is geared towards diminishing the hold the eating disorder has over the client and allowing the client to eat freely, intuitively without stringent rules.

Changes in behavior and the thought processes of someone with an eating disorder do not change overnight. Nutritional counseling is aimed to help integrate healthy behaviors into the client's everyday life and to promote a healthier relationship with food, body, and self.

Family, Child and Adolescent Nutrition

At North Jersey Nutrition our registered dietitians are dedicated to educating families on how to eat and feed themselves and their families for life-long optimal health. Our registered dietitians are trained to work with adults, children, and teenagers with a variety of concerns. Whether you have a child who is a picky eater, an athletic child, a child who is happier at the computer, a child who you think may eat too much or too little or you want to make sure you are providing your family with the most well-balanced and healthy meals your registered dietitian will provide you with the skills and tools necessary to help you feed your family with ease and confidence. Meal plans and recipes are often very helpful when counseling families, children and adolescents.

As with all of the work we do with our clients, when working with children and adolescents great care is taken to promote healthy and mindful eating while developing a sense of empowerment leading to greater self-esteem. Nutrition and weight management counseling within the family dynamic is an integral part of North Jersey Nutrition's Family Child and Adolescent Nutrition Program.

Pre-Conception and Pregnancy (Pre and Post Natal)

The Pre-Conception, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal stages of a woman's life are examples of how our nutrition requirements change during different periods of our life.

A women's body needs to be healthy in order to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Pre-conception nutrition counseling will focus on helping the mom-to-be achieve a healthy weight, and maximizing macro and micronutrient intake to improve the chances of conception.

More and more research has shown that eating properly during pregnancy is essential for a healthy baby and mom can do more than ever to ensure that her new baby is born happy and healthy and ready to thrive. Goals of nutritional counseling in pregnancy are focused on how to eat to prevent neurological birth defects, promote healthy cognitive and brain development and support the development of healthy bones and tissues in the unborn child. Meal planning to allow for appropriate weight gain is also an integral focus of nutrition counseling of the pregnant woman.

Once the baby is born mom may choose to breast feed, bottle feed or a combination of the two. If breastfeeding is to take place nutrition needs once again increase. Nutrition counseling will center on getting the most of eating and food to promote sufficient milk production. Weight loss may also be necessary, if appropriate individualized meal planning will help allowing mom to get back to a more comfortable and appropriate non-pregnant weight.

Nutrition sessions dedicated to feeding a healthy baby during the first years of life can be discussed if desired.

Sports Nutrition

The focus on sports nutrition counseling is geared towards improving performance, endurance and/or stamina. If your sport requires you to decrease body fat or increase lean body mass the registered dietitian will devise a meal and hydration plan to allow you to optimize your performance before, during and in the recovery stages of your training and sport.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is one of the most common inherited disorders. Celiac disease is classified as an autoimmune disorder in which the villi of the small intestine are damaged by specific components of proteins found in the grains wheat, rye and barley (collectively called gluten).

Celiac disease counseling is for people who have been diagnosed with the disease or for the caretakers of children with celiac disease.

Your registered dietitian will work with you to help you understand celiac disease and the nutrition and lifestyle changes that are necessary to live gluten-free. Sessions will include appropriate food choices, eating away from home, how to incorporate new foods and gluten-free foods into the diet as well as possible vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Diabetes Mellitus and Pre-Diabetes

Discussions with your registered dietitian will focus around nutritional strategies to either help ward off or manage your diabetes. Sessions will include personalized meal plans for diabetes and customized to your food preferences, medications, lifestyle and goals. Meeting regularly with your registered dietitian will help allow you to make healthy lifestyle changes, overcoming common obstacles and barriers and adhere to the meal plan.

Cardiac Disease, Inflammation, Cholesterol Management, Blood Pressure Management

Nutrition strategies and counseling for people who have, inflammation, high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) and high blood pressure (hypertension) covers proper eating habits and making lifestyle changes to decrease the risk of developing further health complications related to these diseases.

Simple eating and lifestyle changes often times result in the biggest rewards which are illustrated in meal plans tailored to the individual. Lifestyle counseling is an essential component of the program as to ensure lifelong continued cardiac health.

Thyroid Disorders

Nutritional counseling for the client with a thyroid disorder is aimed at helping the client achieve and maintain a healthy weight. As with all of our weight management programs, we promote lifestyle changes not diets.

Clients seeking counseling for a thyroid disorder benefit greatly from visits with our metabolic fitness expert to develop a routine that can help increase fat loss, boost mood, enhance metabolism, and improve lean body mass.

Gastrointestinal Disorders and GERD

There are various types of gastrointestinal disorders however the goal is always the same; to improve quality of life, decrease discomfort, gain freedom from feeling like a prisoner from your disorder and achievement of optimal health. With many tools in their nutritional toolkit, the registered dietitians trained in gastrointestinal disorders will provide you with appropriate eating and lifestyle changes necessary to diminish the symptoms related to your gastrointestinal disorder. Meal plans, behavior and lifestyle management, the metabolic fitness expert, vitamin and mineral supplementation and referrals to outside healthcare professionals when necessary are all components of counseling to alleviate gastrointestinal disorders.