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Get healthier, lose weight, and improve your quality of life with North Jersey Nutrition. For over 25 years, our weight management practice has been helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals safely and effectively. We believe that weight loss is within reach for everyone, and we are here to help you make it a reality. Led by a team of experienced medical professionals, we provide comprehensive weight loss programs designed to give you the knowledge and support you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Telehealth consultations are now available. Contact us today to schedule.

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Counseling is the core of North Jersey Nutrition. We believe that effective nutrition and lifestyle counseling begins with building a solid relationship with our clients, allowing us to understand their unique behaviors and motivations for change. All our nutrition strategies are tailored to their needs, current habits, lifestyle, and aspirations, ensuring a truly personalized approach.


Our team is committed to your success. With a wealth of expertise and a shared goal, we go above and beyond to help you be the best version of yourself. As your dietitian, trainer, physician, and lifestyle coordinator, we are here to support, facilitate, and guide you as you reach your weight loss goals.


Building a trusting and understanding relationship with us is vital to driving meaningful transformation. Our team is committed to equipping you with the knowledge and support needed to reach your goals. We understand that everyone has different needs, lifestyles, aspirations, and principles, so we will work with you to establish realistic, achievable strategies through nutrition and lifestyle counseling. This allows us to not only help you in attaining your goals but also to maintain them for a lifetime.


At North Jersey Nutrition, we take pride in educating and empowering our clients to make behavioral changes. The psychological transformation helps ensure success in reaching long-term personal and health goals. Healthy lifestyle habits are examined to change the diet mindset that leads to (re-occurring) poor self-esteem. These behavior changes are specific objectives that lead to the overall goals.


Count on our team to provide unparalleled support and encouragement to help you achieve the desired result. Establishing new habits takes time, but with our guidance, you’ll witness the benefits and find the process reasonable, pleasant, and maintainable.

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